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What is the good news of Jesus Christ?

You may think this is a crazy question. Everyone knows the gospel, right? Or, at least, everyone who’s gone to Sunday school knows the drill—surely.

Yet the gospel has fallen on hard times. A recent conference that drew more than six thousand people—mainly pastors—was called ‘The Unadjusted Gospel’ in response to the endless adjustments the North American church is making to the good news. The organizers of the conference have drawn a line. ‘Enough is enough’, they are saying. ‘Quit messing with the message. Just give people the simple truth.’

Okay, so what is the simple truth of the gospel?  Are you able to put it into your own words? Tell us the good news. (You may wish to begin with the bad news; it makes the good news a whole lot sweeter).

Also, tell us what determines the content of the gospel. Who or what defines the message? For instance, do people determine the content? Does the church? Or does the word of God?