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One of the key leaders in our church just returned from the Fall Meetings of East District. He was “pumped” and enthused. He felt there was hope for the United Church of Canada after-all. He was encouraged by the worship and for the desire expressed by many, for change. But I just don’t know. I’ve been there as well and I’ve heard the words, but it never seems to go anywhere. Maybe I’m too much of a skeptic. My friend believes God can change the church and that we should never underestimate what prayer can do. I’m with him there. I believe it is only through prayer and a divine work of God that this church can be revived. But I just don’t know. Does God want to revive this church? Has the United Church of Canada drifted beyond rescue? What am I doing here? Again, I just don’t know. Maybe this thing called “Cruxifusion” is what we need to help us discern how we move forward in this church. Maybe it will be a place to find support and encouragement. Maybe it will be that voice of change that Vic heard at the East District Meetings. I pray it will, but I just don’t know.