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Today’s prayer for General Council comes from Rev. John Maich. To view the archive of all prayers being offered in the lead up to GC43 click here.

“Oh Ancient of days, Maker of the universe, Creator of the heavens and the earth you are Sovereign above all Regions.

You who are the author and perfector of our faith we call upon you and your gracious wisdom. Lay your hands upon those servants called by your Church and commissioned to the 43rd General Council of The United Church of Canada. Place within them your burning passion for an Easter people and enable them to deliberate and lead as a resurrected priesthood.

Imbue them and all of us with an everlasting love and desire to exercise mercy. Instruct them in how to act justly. Equip them to walk humbly in your wake, following the steps laid before them by your risen Son.

Watch over their coming together as you will their being sent out.

This day and all days until that day we join you in your Kingdom. Amen.”