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Today’s prayer for General Council comes from Rev. Heather Carlson. To view the archive of all prayers being offered in the lead up to GC43 click here.

“Faithful God, it’s always a risk placing ourselves into your hands.
Not because you waver, but because we do.
We so quickly imagine our opinions are solid and wise,
and then we find questions, doubts and fears surface.
We so desperately want to trust in ourselves and exert our independence,
and we are reminded again of need beyond our capacity
and complexities beyond our solving.

It feels risky to let go and trust you
for it means admission of our creatureliness.

Yet you are our Good Shepherd,
in you we have all that we need.
At just the right time, you let us rest beside still waters,
you lead us to nourishment,and you guide us along the right paths.
In you, our strength is renewed and our souls strengthened.

So we will dare to hope.
Even in dark valleys.
Even at the tables of General Council.
Even in the presence of enemies.
Even in the face of oppression.
Even in the abundance of blessings.
Even as we celebrate.
Even at life’s end.

We will stake our hope in you.

By the power of your Holy Spirit draw us near.
We pray in Jesus’ name and for your glory alone. Amen.”