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Today’s prayer for General Council comes from Rev. Sue Ivany. To view the archive of all prayers being offered in the lead up to GC43 click here.

“Gracious God, Source of Love and Life, we pray now for everyone preparing for the meeting of General Council. The time is approaching, so we pray for all the “lists” be they in mind, on phones, or on sticky notes. Lists of so many things…what to prepare at home or work before leaving for the meeting; what to pack for a week away; so many things to remember like charging cords and medications and weather-appropriate clothing; car servicing if there’s a long drive involved; confirming child-care arrangements on site; and so much more.

But the other lists – the theological ones, are being made as well… remembering to listen to others intentionally and carefully; seeing each person as a beloved child of Your making; beginning and ending each day with prayer; stopping to pray with someone who is having a tough day; remaining open to new ideas; leading with faith and not with fear.

God, may the lists of seemingly small, but important things, be manageable and not overwhelming. May the lists of profound significance be so fulfilled that Your presence will be palpable when all gather in Oshawa.

May folks arrive to the meeting confident that they are prepared for the week ahead, and may they know the presence of Christ by their side – the same Christ whose Spirit is our gift, grace, and guide. We pray in his strong name. Amen.”