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Today’s prayer for General Council comes from Rev. Heather Joy James on this, the National Day of Indigenous People. To view the archive of all prayers being offered in the lead up to GC43 click here.

“Great God of the Universe, we come to you with heavy hearts, weary from a world gone wrong. We Canadians stand on our home and native land that does not belong to us. We have not honoured you in all that we do. We have not loved our neighbour as ourselves. We have not always protected and cared for the sea, the land, the sky. We have not always been in right relationship with you and with one another. But we want to. Today, we repent, and turn from our broken and selfish ways. Today, we accept your offer of mercy, healing, and grace. Today we breathe in your love, and we breathe out the habits and hangups that have caused harm to your creation.

As we look towards the the General Council, prepare our hearts, O God, to listen to you, to listen to one another, and to be ready and willing to follow the light of Christ above all else. Turn our hearts to you, O God. Keep us mindful of your Spirit in every breath, every moment, every creature. Keep us present with your Holy Spirit as we move through our days, and keep us willing to move with your Spirit as you give us eyes to see and ears to hear your will and your direction. From the beginning of time, you have been Creator and protector, Redeemer and friend, you are our loving parent, and we are your children. Guide us, o holy one, and set our hearts in tune with yours. Amen.”