“Supporting, inspring and connecting Christ-centred leaders and congregations within the United Church of Canada”


Supporting, inspiring, and connecting Christ-centred leaders and congregations within the United Church of Canada

Greetings in Christ Jesus!

Following our lunch with the Moderator, Rev. Gary Paterson, we held our Cruxifusion annual meeting at General Council Office on November 22nd. It was wonderful to reflect on all that Cruxifusion has accomplished in the last 12 months:

  • launched a Cruxifusion website, now with 219 subscribers
  • added 84 ministers & student ministers to the Cruxifusion Facebook group
  • published an Advent video in 2011
  • published 40 devotional Lenten videos
  • placed 22 ministers into mentoring partnerships
  • published responses from all 15 candidates for Moderator before GC41
  • gathered for prayer at General Council 41
  • held teleconference with Cruxifusiony ministers who attended General Council 41
  • published a response to the United Church’s new doctrinal statements (see here)
  • became a registered Canadian charity
  • began planning a second Cruxifusion Conference, April 8-10 in Toronto (details below)
  • published 8 testimonial videos in the fall of 2012
  • held a Cruxifusion East gathering in the Maritimes
  • placed an ad in The United Church Observer (see page 43 of December edition)
  • had lunch and conversation with the Moderator
  • in the process of publishing Advent videos

We were delighted to add seven new members to our Board. Here’s our new Board membership:

  • Rev. Greg Brawn, chair – London Conference
  • Rev. Scott Boughner – Toronto Conference
  • Rev. Michael Goodfellow – Maritime Conference
  • Rev. Kimberly Heath – Bay of Quinte Conference
  • Rev. Lori Hill – Toronto Conference
  • Rev. Orville James – Hamilton Conference
  • Anne Loucks – Hamilton/London Conferences
  • Rev. Deb McMillan – Toronto Conference
  • Rev. Blair Paterson – Montreal-Ottawa Conference
  • Rev. Nick Phillips – Maritime Conference
  • Rev. Greg Smith-Young – Hamilton Conference
  • Rev. Phil Spencer – British Columbia Conference

We are making plans for our next Cruxifusion Conference. Please plan to join us April 8-10 in Toronto. Travel costs, including flights, will be paid for by Cruxifusion so that distance will not be a barrier to anyone attending. If you’re interested in attending, drop us an e-mail.

In order to see our latest videos and articles, visit our website:

Have a blessed Advent & Christmas!
The Cruxifusion Board