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It is going to be impossible to encapsulate what has happened at the conference today. We had amazing worship, amazing “instigators” who caused us to think deeply and seriously about ourselves and our roles in the church.

So here is a short summary with hopes more in-depth reflections will happen over the next few weeks from our participants.

We began the day in worship, hearing from Paul Scott Wilson about Ezekiel and the old dry valley of the bones and the invitation to speak out in faith, in the power of God to bring life to the old, dry bones.

From there Anthony Bailey reminded us that the intercultural church is not a liberal movement. It’s not something done by an agenda. It is a response to the Gospel message that we tend to forget. It’s a message for ALL NATIONS, repeated over and over in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It’s not for us, it’s not for our white, European settled churches, it’s for our whole community, people of every race, creed, nation, and circumstance.

After lunch, Nora Sanders shared with us some of her thoughts on the future of ministry. She shared her personal stories of being in communities of faith in isolated areas, which may have only lasted for a short time, but have had an prolonged impact on the participants. If people, today, are changing jobs often, then how is it we expect the church to remain the same? Life happens in seasons, maybe the church needs to consider that as well, and embrace it.

Orville James talked to us about embracing the big “E”. Evangelism is a lost art in the many Christian churches. He reminded us that faith is contagious and that it’s not about converting, that’s not our job, but sharing and introducing what God has done in our lives is.

We closed with more powerful worship tonight, inviting people to share there own stories, prayers, thoughts.

One thing that has become abundantly clear to many of us this week, is that as pastors who lead worship every week, there is a deep need within us to worship as worshipers and not worship leaders on occasion so we can also be “topped back up” with the Holy Spirit.

Tomorrow is our last day. We still don’t know what is going to happen next. But we do believe we are on the verge of something great that God is anointing and preparing for His people.

We deeply appreciate the prayers you are supporting us with on this unknown journey.

God bless you all.