“Supporting, inspring and connecting Christ-centred leaders and congregations within the United Church of Canada”

We came. We saw. We left.

We have just had our 2014 Cruxifusion Conference at Martin Grove United Church in Tononto. This conference is a time for United Church ministers and  students from across Canada to be connected, be supported, be blessed, and be a blessing.

We came

Cruxifusion Board Members

Cruxifusion Board Members

We came from clear across Canada. From just outside St. John’s, NL all the way to Vancouver Island, BC. We came as clergy and students who desire to see Jesus Christ lifted up in our church.

We came from the United Church of Christ (USA), as we had representation from a group within that denomination, who was invited since our denominations are in conversation around entering “full communion.”

We came from the General Council Office, as Moderator Gary Paterson joined us as well as Chris Pullenayegem, working in New Ministry Development.

We came from all over, from all places, from all types of ministry and schools, to be together in the name of Jesus Christ, and to lift Him up.

And did we ever!

We saw

We saw Christ work among us. From sharing our stories, to making strong new friendships, to praying deeply for each other in joy and in pain. We saw 90 people whose lives are deeply impacted by the work of Jesus Christ in their lives and in their ministries.

We engaged with wonderful music, powerful preaching, and speakers who inspired us, taught us, and made us think.

On Monday, we heard preachers Lori Hill and Andrew Stirling. We had speakers Paul Miller and John Young. We also met Bob Thompson from the United Church of Christ (USA) as he shared about his organization and denomination.

On Tuesday, Michael Goodfellow and Phil Spencer preached, while Rob Fennell and Connie denBok taught us. Also Chris Pullenayegem led a feedback session for the New Ministry Development office.

On Wednesday, the preachers were Emmanuel Ofori and Foster Freed, and Moderator Gary Paterson and Chuck Congram made us think.

All of these sessions have been recorded, and we will begin posting videos in the coming weeks. We look forward to sharing with you our experiences.

We saw Jesus Christ alive and well, calling us and our denomination to proclaim Him as Lord of all.

We left

We left Toronto tired and missing our new friends.

But, we also left renewed in our spirits, inspired in our ministries, and with hearts full of love for one another and for our Lord.

We left connected, supported, blessed, and a blessing.

We left… but we will return.

We also leave you with this video as we sang Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) during worship on Tuesday evening.

Thank you all. For those who came with us and for those who watched and prayed from afar.