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Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, “Human beings are dehumanized by fear. . . .” Fear makes us less than what we truly are, what God made us and calls us to be.

Those shepherds in the fields outside of Bethlehem that night had a profound fear experience. An angel! And not the kind of angel sold in gift-shops. A real messenger from God. They were truly terrified.

And what did the angel say? “Fear not!”

Fear not, because God is doing something. God is preparing the way out of your fear! God the Father is sending the Son! God the Deliverer is delivering your Salvation! Good news! Today, the Saviour is born!

We are frightened by what we’ve experienced; God is making a new experience. We are frightened by the events of history; God is breaking with history. We are frightened by what we know; God is doing something entirely new.

Fear dehumanizes us. God is rehumanizing us. That is truly good news of great joy, for everyone. Fear not!

Saviour Jesus, drive away the fears that beset us, so we can live ever more fully the life You are giving. Stand before us with the strength of Your cradle and the glory of Your cross, that we may walk faithfully the way you are setting before us, without fear. Amen.

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