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advent4-Luke 2-8-9

There we are, minding our own business, when the messenger of God comes. Abruptly, blindingly, terrifyingly. As much as we may yearn for a more tangible God, a more definite Presence, when it comes it can be altogether too real. And so we don’t go looking too hard. We are busy, after all. Participating in meetings, writing documents, tending our flocks… Just let me finish this list, tick off these boxes – then I will have time to be still. To listen.

The good news is that God does not wait for us – God chooses to come to us. God sends messengers to us: sunsets and angels, youtube videos and Biblical stories, homeless strangers and annoying cousins. Breaking into our complacency, waking us up to what is Real and what is urgent. Reminding us of the demanding beauty of our faith. The persistent widow, the shepherd seeking the lost – God never gives up on us.

May we be open, expectant of God’s coming, and, in turn, act in the lives of others that they may know this stubborn, transforming, loving God for themselves.

Holy God, help us to feel your presence with us in these Advent days. Stir us up and send us out – to be messengers of your grace, sharing hope and love with those who need it most. In Jesus’ name we pray and live, Amen.

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