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“We may not be big, but we’re small”.  The motto of the Vinyl Café could be Bethlehem’s motto.  I love Micah 5:2 because it reminds me that I really do belong in God’s Kingdom.  God has a history of using and seeking out that which is small to do great things.  Think little David and big Goliath; think Gideon and his army that had to be made smaller to be used by God; think God coming to the world in the form of a tiny and very needy baby.  It is easy to become focused on and overwhelmed by our limitations, whether they be a shrinking church and resources, declining health or any other barrier that life puts on our path.  This advent focus instead on the hope and the promise that God plants and brings to life in the most unlikely places: a baby in a feed-box, the Church, and you and me.

 Holy One, forgive us for focusing on the limitations around and inside us.  Help us to see what you are bringing to life in your Church, your world and in me.  By the power of the little baby born in Bethlehem, set us free, fill us with Life and give us the courage to shine your Light.  

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