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We all know about darkness. How many people have been afraid of the dark? Darkness has shadows and uncertainty and hidden dangers. Sometimes the darkness is actual and tangible, like being stranded in the middle of nowhere on a cloudy December night, with an absence of light so deep you can not see the hands at the end of your arms. Sometimes the darkness is interior, the haze of depression that keeps one from seeing the light that surrounds us. Sometimes the darkness is metaphorical, the feeling that something is being hidden from us or will never be revealed. But at various times in our lives, for different lengths of time, we all know about darkness.

The cure for darkness is light. Light drives away darkness. When our child is afraid of monsters in the dark we turn on the light, we get a night-light. Light reveals whether there is anything to fear. Light allows us to see things for what they are. Light brings us hope. In John’s wonderful opening words we are reminded of light.

Our Scripture story begins with the words “Let there be light”. John’s story of the Incarnation, of God made tangible and visible on earth, of Emmanuel, God-With-Us begins with the assurance that God’s light has come to the people of God. In the Christ we find the light of the world, a light we are called to share with the world. In the light of God we find the hope that no darkness no despair can ever extinguish.

God of light, in this season of long nights and darkness, help us always look for the light. In the dark times of our lives, help us see the spark that never goes away. And once we have found the source of the light, help us to share that light with all we meet. Amen.

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