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So begins another season in the church. The season of Advent is upon us.

Join with us at Cruxifusion for daily devotionals written by our members who wish to share the good news with you this season of waiting and anticipation.

It seems like every year when December hits it becomes a mad rush to get to Christmas Day. But this year, maybe we can slow down and enjoy just what Advent offers us.

In Isaiah 9, we are reminded that this is a season of hope. Hope in that soon there will be a light to shine on us in our darkness. Are we ready to receive this light? Are we ready to admit there is darkness in our lives? A darkness which can be chased away by a certain kind of light? The light of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Over the next 25 days, we invite you to walk with us in preparing our hearts for Christmas. Sure we’re busy preparing our homes, but is our heart ready?

Let us pray…

Dear Lord, 
I invite you to walk with me this season of hope.
Be with me and those I love as we prepare our lives for Christmas.
But help us prepare our hearts for the greatest gift ever given.
A gift of light, born to the world in this Christ child.

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