Greetings in our Lord Jesus Christ!

Crux VaseThis is the season of annual reports, so we thought it appropriate to let you know about Cruxifusion’s ministries through 2013 and our upcoming plans for 2014. Cruxifusion continues to grow; the Lord is adding to our number both ministers and lay people.

Last March and again in December, we posted daily devotionals on our website. Last April, we hosted 65 Christ-centred United Church ministers and student minsters at our 2013 Cruxifusion Conference at Martin Grove United, near the Toronto airport. Many people said it was one of the best conferences they had ever attended. It’s like a family reunion of people who don’t know each other. But there are instant connections because we’re all committed to our Lord Jesus Christ and His church. Videos, articles and ministry vacancies continue to be posted on our website. Our two Facebook groups continue to grow and generate uplifting conversation, support and friendships.

For 2014, our immediate work is preparing for our next national Cruxifusion Conference, April 28-30, again at Martin Grove United Church. As of today, 61 United Church ministers and student ministers from all across Canada have already registered to attend! We expect several dozen more to register in the coming months – well surpassing last year’s attendance of 65. These ministers range in age from their late 20s to early 60s. These are people actively serving in United Church congregations who will be inspired and renewed greatly by our Jesus-focused worship, preaching, speakers and fellowship together.

Of the 61 ministers already registered, 27 are flying into Toronto from East and West. In order to make this gathering equally accessible for everyone, Cruxifusion is paying for 100% of these flights. We are only able to afford this because of donations we received from people like you and several United Church congregations. If ministers had to pay for their flights, very few would attend from outside Ontario and Quebec.

In addition, student ministers pay only $100 to attend; this price includes their hotel nights, meals (and flights if necessary). Again, Cruxifusion is subsidizing the cost to allow cash-strapped student ministers to be blessed and inspired by our gathering.

We ask you to financially support Cruxifusion’s ministry so that we can continue to keep our annual conference truly national in scope. The cost of the conference accounts for 83% of our annual budget. We work hard to keep our operating costs to a minimum. Donations can also be made online through our website by clicking here or mailed to

PO Box 20054
2211 Brant Street
Burlington, ON L7P 0A4

Thank you for your generosity! Tax receipts will be provided.

Please feel free to subscribe to our website. If you subscribe, you’ll receive an e-mail when new devotionals or articles are posted. Keep us in your prayers, and together we will continue to lift up Jesus Christ in the United Church of Canada. Look for the link on the right hand side of our front page.

Continued blessings in our Lord,
Your Cruxifusion Board

Rev. Heather James, Rev. Nick Phillips, Rev. Aaron Miller
were just some of the many ministers leading worship
at our 2013 Cruxifusion Conference.

Rev. Heather James, Rev. Nick Phillips, Rev. Aaron Miller
were just some of the many ministers leading worship
at our 2013 Cruxifusion Conference.