“Supporting, inspring and connecting Christ-centred leaders and congregations within the United Church of Canada”

What Are We Saying?

What are people saying as Cruxifusion approaches?

Here is just a sample!

“I think this conference will address the loneliness and isolation one often feels as a conservative minister in the United Church of Canada. It is valuable to know that one is not alone in the battle for orthodoxy within the United Church”

“I hope for a renewed sense of call and mission; the start of a network of colleagues to work with, and find support among; new ideas and strategies for growing disciples of Jesus”

“I bring a solid commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ, an active exploration of new models and styles of worship and a deep desire to connect with like-minded church leaders for mutual support, advice and action.”

“My hope is that we, as evangelicals, stop being so defensive that we choose to step out of the protective place we have built and develop fresh perspectives, attitudes and strategies of how we can best be the positive blessing to our denomination and wider world, that Christ intends us to be.”

“To be part of a powerful mountaintop experience, a ‘coming around the bend’ historic moment for Jesus’ church in Canada, to come away with a feeling of having wind in our sails, naming a shared direction, an action plan for insightful next steps with a critical mass… that’s what I hope to take away from this event.”

“I am open to what the Holy Spirit will leave with us.”

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