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Rev. Lisa Potter

We have asked all the nominees for moderator four questions so that we, as a church, could get to know them a little better. Here are the responses for Rev. Lisa Potter. If you would like to know more about Lisa, please read her profile from the General Council 41 website.

1) “Cruxifusion” means “united by the cross.”  What does Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection mean to you?
Why the crucifixion? Many forces were set in motion at that momentous time and place in history. For it was in Jesus’ dying time, his death on that cross and his resurrection that he seared into the collective consciousness of the entire human race for all time the truth of humanity’s eternal nature– its Christ nature — (Kingdom of God within as Jesus called it) and evolutionary goal of realizing this. In that sense the whole of humanity is, indeed, united by the Cross. Understanding this more deeply after years of seeking for deeper meaning of Jesus’ mission to humanity was a profound experience for me.

2) Describe the God you worship.
St Augustine said in the fifth century: “I would not respect any God that I could figure out. If you understand it, then it is not God.” In John’s gospel Jesus says several times that “The Spirit blows where it wills. You can hear and see it by its effects, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes.” Here Jesus is protecting the utter freedom of God to be where God wants and when God wants and who God wants. This understanding of God as always and everywhere sits very comfortably with me.

3) What Christian author has had the greatest impact on you?
Many years ago I came across the writings of Bede Griffiths, an English monk, who went to India in 1955 and assisted in the foundation of the Kuristumala Ashram. This Ashram was a pioneer attempt in India to form a Christian Community following the customs of a Hindu Ashram. Two of his books entitled, “The Marriage of East and West,” and “Return to the Center” had a profound impact on my early search for the deeper meaning of the Christ for this age.

4) What gifts and passions do you have that you believe The United Church of Canada needs today?
Over 2000 years ago Jesus came to bring a New World Order based on love and justice. We have only scratched the surface of his teachings, for the Old World Order of injustice that prevailed at his time is very alive in our world today. Helping us look more deeply into Jesus teachings for the hidden message of this New World Order has been and is my great passion for the Church. The United Church of Canada is I suspect the only Church that would have honoured my need to search for a deeper understanding of Christ’s teachings and then given me the privilege to share it with others.

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