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Mr. Moses Kanhai

We have asked all the nominees for moderator four questions so that we, as a church, could get to know them a little better. Here are the responses for Mr. Moses Kanhai. If you would like to know more about Moses, please read his profile from the General Council 41 website.

1) “Cruxifusion” means “united by the cross.” What does Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection mean to you?
At age 18, my brother Cornelius kept a poem in his handwriting stuck in the pages of one of his books. When he died a few weeks ago at the age of 74, my sister discovered the poem quite by accident. The poem, “Mors Janua Vitae,” written almost 200 years ago, speaks of death as the gateway to life. This meant something to this young man just entering the ministry about 50 years ago, and it comforted us as we said goodbye to him. This is the same message of Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection. God revealed in that event that the crucifixion marked an ending in order to enter, through the resurrection, a beginning, new life and a new journey.

2) Describe the God you worship.
If I were asked to describe God, the answer would be much different. But asked to describe the God I worship, puts God at the centre of everything. It puts God above all else. It is a God who gives life, a God who loves unconditionally and protects and sustains, a God who is deserving of our gratitude, our praise and our love.

3) Which Christian author has had the greatest impact on you?
My life has been impacted by hundreds, maybe thousands of authors and commentators. That does not mean I have read or heard these messengers, but I have almost literally been changed by their messages through other speakers, preachers and teachers. I remember as a child, my father, a convert from Hinduism, talked about the words and life of Sadhu Sundar Singh. Later I have been touched by the words of numerous other modern day theologians and writers.

4) What gifts and passions do you have that you believe the United Church of Canada needs today?
Thankfully, my gifts and passions are not unique to me. But I feel blessed that I have the gift of leadership. I am equally fortunate to have a burning passion for vision – to imagine possibilities, to see with the mind what the eyes cannot see. I have a strong sense of organization and planning and skill in communication. I have a faith in God and a love for my church. As layperson, I offer to the church a perspective from the pew. I pray that these gifts can be used in our efforts to fulfil God’s mission.

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