“Supporting, inspring and connecting Christ-centred leaders and congregations within the United Church of Canada”

How Can You Help?

Are you unable to be with us in early April but want to offer your support? There are a number of ways you can help.

1. You can pray with and for all those who are coming from across Canada for this groundbreaking event.

2. Pray for the organizers, pray through the conference (April 5-8, 2011), pray for connections to be made, that the Holy Spirit will inspire and strengthen new ideas. And also pray for our speakers who are coming to share, that their words will be a blessing to those who gather.

3. If you know one of the participants, support and encourage them. Not only are they hoping to be part of a new and exciting endeavor in the United Church of Canada, they are also taking a risk in stepping out and expressing their voices about their passion for the conservative/orthodox/evangelical church. Help them to know they are not alone.

4. You can help support us financially. We are covering the entire costs of the conference with the exception of requesting a $200 registration fee for each participant. As you can imagine this is a significant event with associated costs, If you feel moved to help support the financial obligations of this event, please feel free to send a contribution to Fellow Publications identifying Cruxifusion as the desired target for your money.

If you want to know how to support us financially, please Contact Us.