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Testimony – Kelvin Munroe

Kelvin Munroe, a layperson from the Clyde-Carleton Pastoral Charge in Nova Scotia, shares with us a powerful message of how God has impacted his life. [youtube=] If you have trouble seeing the video, click here.

Testimony – Catherine Oxenford-Grant

Catherine Oxenford-Grant from Wall Street United Church in Brockville, Ontario shares with us a story. [youtube=] Trouble watching the video? Click here!

Testimony – Glen Wells

The Rev. Glen Wells, from St. John United Church in Hamilton, shares with us a special God moment. [youtube=] If you have problems viewing the video, click here!

Testimony – Philip Spencer

Today we hear from Rev. Philip Spencer from St. Stephen's United Church in Qualicom Beach, BC. [youtube=] If you have trouble viewing the video, please click here.

Testimony – Andrew Stirling

Today we give thanks for Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling's sharing of his own sense of call to ministry! Andrew serves at Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, Ontario. [youtube=] If you are having trouble viewing the video,...

Testimony – Kimberly Heath

Today we are pleased to share a story from the Rev. Kimberly Heath from Wall Street United Church in Brockville, ON. [youtube=] If you are having trouble viewing the video, click here.

Testimony – Anne Loucks

Candidate for ministry, Anne Loucks, shares with us the challenges and blessings of her life. [youtube=] Thank you Anne.

Testimony – Greg Brawn

The Cruxifusion chair, The Rev. Greg Brawn from Byron United Church in London, Ontario shares with us his faith journey that led him to serve in full-time ministry. [youtube=]