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Cruxifusion exists to bring together clergy from across the United Church of Canada who consider their ministries centred on Jesus Christ, our Lord. We hope you support our cause.

“I left the conference with renewed commitment to follow Jesus in my life and ministry, and a closeness and intimacy with God that I hadn’t felt in a while. I also left with a lot more passion about ministry! I am ready to say that the whole conference was a God moment!”

Natalie Istead

"I attended the Cruxifusion Conference wondering if I'd found "my tribe." I did. Because of our common connection to Christ, it felt like meeting cousins you've always heard about."

Heather Carlson

"It's a family reunion of people who have never met!"

Nick Phillips (from our very first conference)

"God definitely showed up for me in hearing the stories of other younger leaders and their experiences within the UCC system. I sense the Lord teaching me patience, inviting me to vulnerability, and comforting me through the community of his people."

"...I felt an affirmation of my call, Spirit-fuelled excitement to continue in service to Christ's Church..."
"I was having a bit of a rough [time], so I felt the presence of God through the love of my good friends."
"Cruxifusion has given me real connections and relationships with other clergy that are supportive and not competitive or judgemental along with a real vibrant connection to the Living Christ. Both my faith and my relationships have deepened and strengthened and thanks to Crux."

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